Your mamma’s a pretty thing.

Weekends mean something again.

now that I am back in the 9-5-gee-you-look-great-under-these-florescent-lights-who-drank-all-the-coffee-and-what-do-you-mean-the-network-is-down routine I am beginning to recall what I *hated*had forgotten in my 6 month absence.

On the plus side I am remembering that I am smart and I do know my shit and I am loving my work.  (thankyouverymuch crappy education).  I still run-on like a mofo.  I am getting better at the whole active/passive voice thang however…and my comma usage has improved significantly.

So…for you dickheads I waited on (and most likely I called you a dickhead when I served you) (cause I do that) fuck you for treating me like tits on legs.  That brings me to my next rant.  Fuck you guys, really!  How does someone have the gall to talk down to people in the service industry?  Granted, they aren’t all Einstein’s, but I have known just as many lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, accountants, teachers, you name it; just as prone to fucktardism as waiters and waitresses.  Go ahead and add cooks and busboys, for that matter.

Before my last stint cock-tailing I had been out of the industry for 9 years.  Nothing has changed.  Well…that might not be entirely true.  So this time I didn’t do rails off the bar with my boss and direct the bouncers to throw random assholes out when they got on my nerves..but the attitude certain people have remains unchanged.

Nothing angered me more than people acting shocked that I actually have a career in something that takes some sort of knowledge and ability to master. What really killed me was their surprise that I could remember the drink, app, entree and dessert without needing to write it down.  Some even being so bold as to suggest I do so because I might mess it up (never did, ass), or that my tiny brain cannot retain so much information.


I will not brake for you…(she ain’t even kiddin’, boyo- look at her car)

The only reason I bring this up now is because at my job job, you know, what I studied to do, no one talks to me like I am stupid.  One lawyer I worked for in the beginning did..but that was another tits-on-legs deal..  I guess I still get mad when I see it.  I have a lot of friends in the industry, and I hate thinking this happens to them.

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