fistful at a time

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good advice that I cheerfully disregard (and you should, too)

Lesson 156- Never date a man you are smarter than.

Lesson 213- Never date a man for what he can or might do for you.

Lesson 45- Never date a man because you/him/both are bored.

Lesson 27- Never date a man more in touch with his feminine side than you.

Lesson 742- Always wait an appropriate time before consummating the relationship. I wear dresses to save time.

Lesson 10- Pet names are NOT intended to belittle (unless I think it’s funny to call you names or insult your mom, god, dog, pants).

Lesson 62- Doing nothing is still doing something.

Lesson 76- There is no order to these lessons.

Lesson 19- Men aren’t as into casual sex as they are stereotyped to be. Dammit.

Lesson 419- It does not matter what you say or what you do, having a kid freaks guys out. Women, too..maybe…I dunno. I only date men (boys)(idiots with good hands)

The last one angers (and perplexes) me more than anything else here. I don’t want them in any capacity for my kid, and since I ended it with J.M. the new ones never even meet my kid, but still they spook. Or if they don’t spook, they take it as a personal offense that I don’t want them for that. Fuck everyone, figure out what you want dummkopf!

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One Response to fistful at a time

  1. elektriceclectik says:

    Haha I guess it’s not good that I’d consider #45

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