Me and you and the Bible makes three tonight

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wanna know what irritates me the most???

I’ll tell you anyway.

Religious hypocrites. Now, let me elaborate. I don’t mind if you are religious, and I don’t mind if you are excited about it and want to spread the word, that is fine to me.

It drives me crazy when people take offense to what other non-religious people say, think, wear, eat, sleep on so forth.

What bothers me about this is the same people that preach about an all loving all forgiving God are the SAME people that judge you and me in a heartbeat. Where is that love and compassion then?

Even worse is when you are having a conversation with these people, or maybe to someone else altogether, and you let slip a “Jesus” or “Goddammit” or what have you, and then 20 people turn around and get all huffy about it.

Now these people…these people are just like anyone else. Divorced, sexually active, maybe they drink or do drugs..not the picture perfect ideal “Christian”. Now, they live their lives as they want, not as God wants, and then turn around to get upset over a freaking word??? That is just ridiculous.

Then you have someone like me. I am not a religious person. I wasn’t raised to believe in a vengeful, vindictive God, and I certainly am not superstitious enough to believe that by merely saying a name, a word, my poor soul will be condemned. any “God” that petty is one I have no desire to please in any shape or form.

Some people hear my opinion, and tell me I’ll regret it when I die and burn in hell. If I burn in hell, then I would have, according to the Scriptures, deserved it. So, what beef would I have with that?

That isn’t what I gather from reading the Bible, though. Look at the people Jesus befriended. Whores, thieves, money-handlers. These were not the people that a typical “Christian” would even have within 20 feet of himself, and certainly would never think to invite into their own home! It says loud and clear that the sheep that strays is the one they go after.

Now, personally, I love the history of religion. All kinds, all forms, all beliefs. I want to get my doctorate in religious studies for Christssake, that should tell you something.

And NO JOSH, I’m not just trying to prove there is no God, and make everyone admit it.

I see the value in faith, and I see that most of what the Bible has to say is common sense.

No duh.

That is where the value lies, at least in my opinion.

Now, seeing as though I wasn’t raised to be God-fearing, I ask you why I should censor myself as not to offend the average, paranoid Christian?

Do you honestly believe God is sitting up in Heaven, with a biiiig notebook, marking down the names of every person that DARE to blaspheme? Shall we go back to the old ways, and stone to death any one who takes the Lords name in vain??  I would think that quite silly indeed. It it not my Lord. I will neither bow nor praise nor try to uproot anything I do not personally buy into.

I can rant about this all day..for it happens to be one of my favorite subjects.

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2 Responses to Me and you and the Bible makes three tonight

  1. I literally died last year. Heart stopped and everything.I was not visited by the Christ, nor any demons (yes, I had been a bad boy)
    My belief now is continuance, but I knew there would be a schism between me and my kids if I stayed. I no longer hurt while I was dead. It was peaceful.

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