What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys???

Falling into the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again.


On Myspace I had almost 900 blogs. Of that 900, only 18 made it to WordPress. Why, you ask? Simply because the other 882 blogs were about a boy. A ridiculous relationship with a ridiculous boy…and it took 882 blogs to show me how ridiculous it was/is.

So what happens is I finally see this, and I finally trying to “get over it”, and I meet someone else…


I am a little nuts.

So…first off, I don’t feel the same way for this guy as I did for the previous one. I don’t think about him constantly, I don’t obsess over what he said/didn’t say/does/doesn’t do like I did with the other one. I don’t demand love and adoration and constant attention and I don’t automatically agree with him.

I realize the feelings I had for the other man were not healthy. I realize the entire relationship was unhealthy…but I cannot help but compare the two.

The need to compare sickens me. I know this other guy is better for me, mentally and spiritually and physically…but I still miss the other one.

So this is where I have been for over a month, trying to get over HIM so I can start it up with some one else.

Out of nowhere he texts me. He doesn’t send words, just symbols (e.g. # & “) one after the other, no matter what my reply is. WTF? So finally this morning I see he has sent a lyric to me. (This is how our relationship was built, mutual adoration of other peoples songs)

“Inside out and upside down”…which I figured he quoted from the Cramps…

The whole song goes:

“Baby you look good enough to eat.

I’d like to go around the world with you.

I’d like to lick the bottoms of your feet.

And drink fizzy booze from your shoes.

Inside out and upside down with you.

I’d like to go around the world with you.

From your bottom to your top.

You’re sure some lollipop.

Inside out and upside down with you.

Baby you know I’d knee deep in love with you.

The vision and the taste of your flesh.

Your candy kiss, your orange lipstick too.

The nuclear fission of your love factor F.

I got my pants around my ankles over you.

It’s frightnin’ the lure of your bare trip.

I’m gonna scare the pants off you too.

Wet your appetite ’til our loves overlap.”

Or he could of been referencing The Archies…either way I read too much into it like I always do and now I have to wonder if I did the right thing. I miss  him. I hate what we became and I miss him.

And I hate that I am wondering. Fuck him.

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