no more r’s or j’s

Pro-life, pro-choice. Morons.  You can make arguments for either side for the rest of your lives, but don’t have a baby if you don’t want a baby. Don’t have a baby out of guilt, or because you think it is the right thing to do. Don’t have an abortion because the guy ran off or you are afraid you won’t fit into those jeans anymore. I am over-simplifying because I have been there, done that…at least 4 more times than I thought I would. There are people that abhor the idea of abortion (or birth-control, for that matter) but rush to war. There are people that use abortion as birth-control, and think no more of it than a temporary inconvenience getting in the way of their next whatever. You are both fucked up. You are screaming at each other like it matters, and the only thing you care about is being right. Assholes.

I would rather see 500 million embryos in a vacuum bag than hear yet another tale of some man or woman boiling the 3 year old in a pot on the stove or popping little Susie in the microwave or shaking little Frankie so hard his spine snaps because they won’t shut up. I would rather see zero population growth than see 500 of your god’s little miracles going hungry or ignored on “government assistance”.  I would rather see one well loved and well cared for child raised than see another man or woman use their offspring as ammunition to hurt their man or woman in court.

If you can have an abortion and it is no more significant to you than tossing out a pair of shoes, save the 400 bucks a year and get an IUD. If you have a baby for any reason other than growing up the best damn new human you can (and have the resources and emotional capacity to do just that), give it a rest. Or at least set a fucking limit. The human race is in no danger of extinction by anything other than too many damn people.

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