more about this later

I can’t tell you what my plan is, because if my plan actualized and I had it floating around in writing it would blow up in my face. Oh, but I got a plan. (what’s your plan got to do with me? I got a plan. I’m not trying to hear that, see?)

*fairly busting with absurdity*

It’s a stupid plan, chein. It isn’t really even a plan, just an over-thought fantasy. The epitome of all impossible situations. Note to those in the know—not about him, dear. (it’s about an even impossible-er him)

The other him has ceased in the ability to get me stomping and purring as of late. This new him ain’t even real, or, is, but isn’t anyone I actually know in any personal way. But the flashbulbs are popping and everyone needs something to get geared up over, right? Sure they do. (I answer myself, so hush)

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I am great.
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