Oh, mein Gott! Ist das Blut?


I am irresistable, so quit trying! It’s raining and mmmmmmm..I love the air when it snaps. They’d have to pry me off of you with a crowbar 🙂

Trau keiner Frau, die alles auszieht – nur nicht ihren Hut! What, German doesn’t turn you on? Silly boy. Works for me..all rumbling in the back of the throat..

*totally almost ran into that pickup this morning, really needs to stop being such a…hmm..doesn’t know how to say “wanton nymphomaniac” in German (where’d my dictionary go??) barring that you should probably DO SOMETHING and enjoy it before she hits menopause and doesn’t give a shit anymore*

Haben Sie Lust mit zu mir zu kommen und alles das zu tun, was ich allen anderen morgen sowieso erzählen werde?

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I am great.
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