I’m with the DJ.

Elle Va Ou Elle Veut – She goes where she wants

So I am more than slightly obsessed with the idea of going to France and meeting (or just seeing somewhere) Bertrand Cantat. I have learned several things on this journey into  wasting time.

1. I don’t speak or read French.

2. Google is a shitty translator.

3. There is a disgraceful lack of information available on Bertrand Cantat. So if you are reading this, babe, relax.

4. I am way too ready to believe any of this is a good idea.

5. The information I do have is nowhere near verified.

So, in conclusion…WTF France??

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I am great.
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2 Responses to I’m with the DJ.

  1. You guys are sick dude. You rock . Loving every minute of it.

  2. lachevious says:

    I don’t really understand who you mean by “you guys”…so I will just presume that you mean me. So thanks?

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