me and bobby c

Robert I don’t know much French
Kimberly neither do I but I am learning
Robert 15 words maybe :p
Kimberly and anyway he speaks English, it’s perfect:)
Robert the hardest word I’ve learned is sandwich
Kimberly hahaha
Kimberly how does it go?
Robert sandwich.
Kimberly hmm
Kimberly I can see where you got tripped up
Kimberly *moron*
Robert I was using Rosetta stone
Kimberly so what about my quote?
Robert it kept saying I wasn’t saying it correctly
Robert so I had to ask a friend
Robert sandwich huh? …hahaha we borrowed this word and modified it to make it comfortable to our French tongue! lol the “san” is the trouble… – “an “and “en”: are nasal vowel + “n” known as [ã] ; –> [ã] sounds more like the English “on” in “long” which is pronounced “lawng”
Kimberly so like…sahnwhich
Kimberly rober, make me a saaaaaaaaahnwitch
Robert haha
Kimberly you should have heard it cause that was fucking funny
Robert also court, courent
Robert court: pronounce “ou”= “u” in “soup” {or “oo” in cooking} just do not pronounce the “t” at the end courent: coo- rawn “t” at the end…
Kimberly hahaha
Kimberly crazy French bastards
Robert they don’t pronounce a lot of letters
Robert lazy.
Kimberly Like English and it’s silent h’s
Kimberly fuck those h’s, man
Kimberly FUCK H’S!!!!!!!!
Robert where the fuck is there a silent h
Kimberly I dunno
Kimberly hour
Kimberly and honest
Robert I’m going to start saying h-onest.
Kimberly and your big fat stupid hface
Robert haha
Kimberly I’m giggly
Robert h-our.
Kimberly h-ow the h-ours will h-over
Kimberly I have trouble with “horseradish”
Kimberly I always want to say “horsch”
Robert haha
Kimberly want some horschrabbish on you saaaaaaaaaahnwitch?
Robert I never say horseradish.
Robert so it’s a non-issue.
Robert look at you, you’re French.

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