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Sun in the Eleventh House

The composite Sun here indicates that no matter what the purpose of the relationship, the two of you will be able to get along with each other. It is an especially good placement for marriage, because in the long run, friendship is one of the most important elements in cementing a marital relationship. The Sun in this position is a good indication that you will share common hopes for the future, and you will work together to attain them, which is a desirable trait in any relationship. A well-placed eleventh-house Sun indicates that the two of you can function as a small group in your own right and that together you will find it easy to relate in larger groups. With this placement, even a business or professional relationship is likely to develop a strong personal dimension as well.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

The conjunction of composite Sun and Mercury signifies that there will be a great deal of mental activity in this relationship. This aspect is good for verbal communication between you. You both should be wary of the tendency to intellectualize your emotions rather than deal with them at the gut level. You have an unusual similarity of thinking, or at least a better than average ability to understand each other’s thinking. Mercury is a planet of travel, not always in the literal sense of the word, but in the metaphorical sense; that is, you like to be continually exposed to new ideas and experiences together. One of the most positive attributes of this aspect is the ability to be detached from what you are discussing. Because of this detachment you may even be able to talk about your relationship and arrive at understandings that will help you both to get more out of it.

Moon in the Third House

The Moon in the third house implies that this relationship is based largely on feelings. When you are together, you think about yourselves more subjectively and are more influenced by your emotions. You communicate with each other primarily through feelings rather than through intellect. But at the same time it may be difficult to discuss things rationally and objectively when you have to. You may talk quite a bit about your collective feelings, which obviously is good in a personal relationship if you keep your sense of perspective and don’t overdo it.

Moon Conjunct Pluto

The conjunction of composite Moon and Pluto means that your feelings will be extremely intense, and the relationship is not likely to be a casual one. You will experience feelings you have never had before, but do not worry; they will not necessarily be bad feelings. The principal effect of this aspect is simply to intensify whatever feelings exist already. This aspect can create an unnecessary degree of possessiveness in one or both of you. If you do not allow each other enough freedom of self-expression, the relationship may become too stifling. It is possible that your feelings about this relationship will run so high that you will not be able to evaluate it or each other rationally. On the other hand, if there is a strong feeling of love between you, this aspect will make it a most intense and enduring kind of love. Just be careful that you do not go to work on each other’s feelings too much. You will need a little peace and quiet with each other, without the constant analysis that this aspect tends to provoke.

Venus in the Twelfth House

Composite Venus is one of the least difficult planets to have in the twelfth house. This placement signifies that while you may have strong feelings of affection for each other, you may not be demonstrative about them. Other people may not even be aware of how you feel about each other. The twelfth-house Venus can be a sign of a secret relationship. Your relationship may be influenced to a considerable degree by unconscious factors in both of you. It may be difficult to understand the dynamics of this relationship. This can be either good or bad, of course, depending on what you do. In any case, you should try to understand what lies behind your relationship. On the clearly positive side, this placement can help both of you overcome your ego-drives within the relationship. You are able to think of yourselves as a unit and to subordinate your personal interests to your interests as a couple.

Venus Conjunct Mars

With Venus conjunct Mars in the composite chart you will find that feelings run high between you. This is a passionately intense relationship that is likely to be based at least partly on sexual drives, even if you are of the same sex. All the emotional reactions between you are heightened considerably by this conjunction. Anger, sadness, and above all, love, are more intense. Even if you should become enemies, which could happen, you would be intense enemies. The strong attraction between you prevents you from being detached in any way about each other.

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