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but really what I would like to say is

I want you to fight. I don’t want you to accept me for me, because there are plenty of times when I am wrong for no other reason than to hear that I am wrong. You need to call a … Continue reading

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Je ne t’aime plus, mon amour

you write my name and it has the effect of a whisper in my ear. you bring me back to the dark places… don’t begin again.

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One month

Hasn’t been very long… Still have two months until I reach my cut-off point. I hope I can hang on to this one for longer. We haven’t gotten to the shitty part yet. I don’t feel like I am as … Continue reading

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Enjoy the silence

Apparently I have nothing to write about when I am happy. I am happy. How incredible is that? My inner bastard is still there, waiting for the (please not this time) inevitable  let-down (pleasepleaseplease not this time). She waits.

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