but really what I would like to say is

I want you to fight.

I don’t want you to accept me for me, because there are plenty of times when I am wrong for no other reason than to hear that I am wrong. You need to call a spade a spade, and not get carried away with me.

I love my independence. I love that I don’t need anyone to tell me where to squat and where to push. I love that I make my own money, and I love that I have to work damn hard to get it. I love everything I have gone through, I love a good challenge. Last but not least; I love telling the world to fuck off.

I do not like being the sole supplier of your happiness. I do not like being the best thing you have going for yourself.I have no patience with anyone who has yet to test their own metal and found it sound. Rawness and naïvety annoy me. Don’t feel special, because no one annoys me more than I annoy myself.

I feel better when I am alone. My brain is calmer, and I am not angry all the time. I am not saying that I do not like spending time with you, because I do. However,  I feel that you are going places with our future in your mind, and I must (and I will) tell you that is not going to happen. We are not going to live together, we will not hold hands and skip merrily tra la la lala together down the walk of life.

I don’t want you if you need me.

About me

I am great.
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