[babydoll] calls me mama

I can feel myself feeling…

[stupid things again]

these old things but I won’t.

You say sometimes but you didn’t mean sometimes. You meant never.

You say say say say

But I meant I do. And I do and I did and I have and I will and it’s so…

[big love]

It’s sick how it affects me. How your trite, meaningless…ill-defined…vague…noncommittal…words…

[I love you]

just say that [you won’t] and mean that [[you can’t]] and come and be mine [[dreams]]. Come and don’t make it shitty. Come and let me wrap up in you and let you wrap up in me and be like

[blanket girls]

all those things we wanted.

I have been told that writing to you is like writing to my demons. My demon shaved off his sideburns and put blond streaks in his hair. Someone who has a penchant for over-analyzing (me) might think (wish) you went blond when I went black so we’d have a bit of the other, always.

But we don’t believe it, do we?

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