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“And the women, also of the angels who went astray, shall become sirens.” Enoch

Obsessed with this sentence. Added the emphasis myself–take that whoever!
So… I am applying for college– after, you know…being out of high-school for over ten years and having a six-year old and maybe quitting my job…

Being middle-class was fun.

Really, it wasn’t. I do the best when I have a challenge, and steady pay with steady no-brains-needed work does not cut it for me. So, amidst the screaming and the fighting and the awfulness that will certainly ensue…

I can’t even say that I am bored, because the people I work with are so great I’d happily rot there till the firm goes under.  The old saying about one bad apple ruining a whole bunch is ringing through my head.

That silly little sycophant has found the secret formula to success at this place. Having my co-workers and supervisors behind me and well aware of the circumstances is nice, but the ones in charge…unfortunately…dropped the ball and it has made the day-to-day lose it’s—-value? Meaning?

I just can’t care about a place that doesn’t care about its employees, especially when there are less than 16.

I can’t stand behind a company that allows one employee to harass several other employees for YEARS with no proof to confirm her complaints, no credence, no fact-checking, and no fucking clue. It’s supposed to be a goddamn law-firm!

I have remained publicly silent for 16 months, and will remain so. I will not name names, or events, or say anything other than the above. And this–

I hope you never wake up and see what you are. As much as I’d like some justice being done, I don’t want my name attached to yours ever again. When I leave, and it will be soon, I leave you and the bloody mess behind me.

There. That being said I am happy to report that I still have my excellent references to aid me in my future endeavors. I have some savings. I have a better resume. I have a plan–or rather…shit to do 🙂

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I am great.
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