Women are more sexist than men.

At least the women I work for.

I might be over-generalizing–but when you go to someone with a fact-based issue and they retort with a “well we think you BOTH have hurt feelings” it feels as though I have gone through the looking-glass and been left standing, surprised, with my cock in my hand.

(in my imagination I have a wiener)

Women react to how your words made them feel, regardless of what the words were. Men react to what was said, regardless of the emotion behind them.

I do both and it is bothersome. Hermaphrodites…there is something you don’t see linked to comprehension every day.

I did not choose the legal field so I could be boiled down to “hurt feelings” and dismissed as such.  I chose the legal field because I am obsessed with fairness. I guess I am delusional.

I hope, one day, to awake and find that I am not crazy– people do understand; I am not ruining anyone’s life and last…that I am doing the right thing.

I hope I never treat anyone this badly.

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I am great.
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