I might be crazy.

Actually, scratch that. I am crazy.

Why do I get so fixated on everything? I am perturbed, annoyed, agitated, discontented, appalled…umm..annoyed…??

I’m out of synonyms. Shit. Those probably weren’t even synonyms.

My brains are letting me down. I want a recount on that IQ test, Madam M. I haven’t felt myself to be over a 93 in ages…85 is pushing it.

What the fuck.

I need something new, dammit. New job, new idea, new problems. My crazy is booooring, gimme something else.

I learned something new today.

I am just as awkward and grasping during a phone interview as I am live and in person. Fun fun fun. It didn’t matter that I spent three hours learning everything I can about IPOs and their damn business strategy. And the rate they want to sell their stock and their executives and their goddamn entire corporate structure…because when the heat is on I retreat back to the duuuuuuuuuuuuh and fucking wither into a hyper, over-talkative, fish out of water. I wouldn’t hire me. I’d send me to get a brain-scan.

If I could just hand someone an envelope with all of this inside, with nothing more than a “shhh shhh honey trust me” I’d be alright. I can do anything, I know this–because I have. I just can’t fucking get away from me.

I feel a tantrum coming on. Do they still lobotomize?


Apparently I did great on the interview (hurrah low self-esteem) but flunked the credit check (hurrah bigmouth strikes again)(i’m bigmouth)

I have been informed that the client asked to find someone exactly like me–but with better credit. To which I must reply–GOOD LUCK!

You don’t get to be me AND be looking for a job without first making some very poor decisions on credit. I won’t delve into it any further than that.

But I got a better job a few days later. So pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt

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