titles are for pricks

and then just a bunch of crap, or, i don’t really title these things

They flow again —
still no good
but they are there

allowing themselves to be put down

they don’t mind if you
try not to smile
they are well aware of how small they are

How is it that I can hate these words on paper
so quickly
why create just to destroy

No stomach for this
(no time will age me no touch will affect me)

I can’t do anything without
your stink
getting on it.


So why not accept it?
Let’s talk about the way I looked at you yesterday.

You were asleep (or trying)
No sneer where your mouth should be
no thoughts I’d wonder about

You didn’t look like him then–
that man I invented.

You looked like a boy
nice full lips
chewed fingernails
black wires on your arms
one tossed on top of your head

and I looked till my eyes were full
and I looked and swished you around like a loose tooth
and it didn’t hurt
it didn’t feel like anything
until it did

So much black on you —
We probably look stupid together.

I wonder what you say about me.
I wonder, about a lot of things.

When you’re that close it’s a game to keep playing
(hide and seek) one quick smile
You never see me directly.

I like breaking you down
in small, bite-sized pieces


loose arms
loose legs
hair eyes mouth (again!)
fingers toes
neck ears

Jumbled mixed-up in the basket on the floor
next to my bed

Who could be scared of a man
that can’t keep himself together?


you might have the face
but not the heart to shine out from it

you might have the needs
but not the wishin’
that holds hands with it

you might have the brains
but not the


bound up in it

you might have the arms
look around
nothing lying in it

it might be done
but not without
your soul
going with it


little stupid words
you would have hated me

so i’m not sorry


So fuck you anyway
who cares why you come

who cares why you go

I can just as easily sit

and laugh at my own face

no more “one days” left over or
“maybe’s” or “sometimes” no “never” so well — so just

Fuck you


I don’t come
like you think I should
sit up

always aware of that

gone from your face – so –

Don’t laugh when you look at me
Don’t laugh when you turn away
Don’t cry when you stop me
— i do – all of it —
So fuck you anyway.


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I am great.
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