to you and others

I am callous and cruel

Thoughtless and unforgiving

Slight and weary

Broken and non-redeeming

Near-sighted and quick

Quick to lash out

Quick to come back

Quick to leave again

I hurt when I hurt, I bite when I come.

I exit less gracefully – I enter with full force.

I linger on the sublime – I dream of the ridiculous

I fear everything and everyone.

I am weak. Shallow. Self-absorbed. I complain, mock, pounce. I abhor your flaws. I’ve repressed mine. Ignoring.


I don’t care. I don’t care.

My children are my only asset. The love, the love. My head hates itself. My heart aches for more. My soul will be at peace when I can care for others as deeply and sincerely as others have once cared for me.

Tired. I want sleep, I want blissful ignorance.

I wish to stay above the weights I cast upon myself. This is a lie. I have no plan, I have no goals. The only wish I have is for my children to grow, healthy and strong – in mind, body and soul. I hope they will turn out well, in spite of their stupid mother.

About me

I am great.
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