Sunburned Boy

You may be in pain

You may be grown-up

You may know my name

You may know I am wrong

So wrong about you

Sunburned boy

Sunburned boy

You may know what is good and you may know what is bad

You do not know my heart and the darkness it brings

You do not know what is best

You do not know you are wonderful

Give the bad shit a rest

You do not know your sighs

Keep me up at night

You do not know what you mean to me

It cannot be right

You do not know how much this hurts

To feel this way alone

You have seen me in pictures

You have seen me on video

You have not seen me

Sunburned boy

Trying so hard to please

Trying so hard to love

The girl of your dreams

You will one day find who

She should be

Till then, mein Herr

Let it be me

If not

We can just be friends


About me

I am great.
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