Update: What I Want

Or at least…some guy that can fix stuff and fill up the ice trays and buy me alcohol or cigarettes when I don’t feel like going and laugh at my jokes and take my abuse and tell me he loves me AND MEANS IT and doesn’t freak out over (or push his way into a relationship with) my children and looks good naked under me and isn’t freaked out by the scars or my tattoos and doesn’t scare easy and hides his porn obsession from me and comes over at 4 in the morning even when he has to work the next day when I can’t sleep and tells me I am beautiful and will watch the Golden Girls and old movies and have more fun seeing how happy it makes me than from the shows themselves and can have intelligent conversations with me about religion, ethics and law and why I am so much better than other girls he knows and has a good job and his own car and his own life and doesn’t bore me with his hobbies and fucks me raw and makes me laugh and smells fantastic and is never late and respects his family and gets along with mine and will push the grocery cart at the store and will lift heavy things and is forever patient wants more kids and loves music as much as I do and thinks its cute that I snore and tells me my ears aren’t too big and my nose is fine and tells me when I am being neurotic and when I am being a bitch and can hold his own and WILL NOT LEAVE WHEN WE FIGHT and makes me want to be a better person and knows his power but doesn’t abuse it and unlike what I described actually exists in real life…

Dammit. There.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you
Matthew 7:7 (English Revised Version)


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I am great.
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