Dear Robert

You know I love those old southern blues.

http:// Little Walter – My Babe:

My babe she don’t stand no cheatin’
My babe

I miss our talks. Mostly I miss the way you relax me

http:// Champion Jack Dupree – Evil Woman:

Well the way you’ve been loving me, baby
Lord, I swear you’re killin’ me

I still wish I was dead.

I know you don’t understand.

I try and stay
Try and stay

But that black rider is callin’ me

Lord, baby I wanna stay
Stay with you.
You’d give me that lovin’ that’d make me keep loving you

I’d get you in my bed
Tied down tight

I’d get you in my skin
Deep down right

Baby what you do to me
You know it’s a shame
Causes you nothing
Nothing but pain

Waiting on my big black rider
To come after me
Lord that big black rider
He’s been waiting on me

Put down the needles
Put down my pills

Just hold me tight baby
Let the loving come again

Get that big black rider
Get him off of me
That big black rider
Lord, don’t let him see

There. Goodnight.

About me

I am great.
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