Ah – those times when your “private” but not really cause “public” thoughts are used against you.

Hello, Justin. Thank for for reading my blog. I was wondering who would be so interested in my thoughts, glad to know I still arouse your curiosity.

Out of my own sense of curiosity, did you find much else to try and use against me in these pages?

Better men than you have tried, and ultimately failed, to control me, so my blog is public again. I shouldn’t have to silence myself out of fear of what you may do. Or threaten to do.

Just so you know, when I said “in front of the children”, there were only two here that night. L and J. Both asleep.

I would never, and have never, done anything to put my children in danger. If you were worried about that you could have just asked me when you read it – instead you saved it up as “ammo” for a month. Concerned parent or abusive ex? Hmm.

I had hoped that in the what, seven years we’ve been acquainted you would have matured a bit. I should have known you never will – not without some major work on your part. Honesty, to me and especially with yourself has always been impossible with you – you prefer to attack rather than discuss. Use information as a weapon, rather than as an opening to a healthy discussion.

Enjoy, this one’s for you.

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I am great.
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