You did that thing again. Keep breaking promises. No one’s keeping track but you.

But we know, don’t we?

You think because you pressure them into saying things it’s sincere? They just want you to shut up.

So shut the fuck up.

You shouldn’t be doing this anyway. No more babies you fucking idiot.

Always one more

One more

One more

She ain’t coming back.

Be glad and grateful for what you have already. Three wonderful boys. The memories of a wonderful baby girl.

A job – of sorts. Maybe a better one one day.

Maybe get your shit together.

She’s dead.

You’re not looking so good these days. Seems like you still wish you were in the ground with her.

You stupid, greedy asshole.

That is it, isn’t it. You’re just hiding. Just playing human.

You thought he meant it?

You fool.

Stop it. Now.

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I am great.
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