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The Joys Of Sleep, The Agony of Depression

Then bed and again the luxury of dark. Still the blood and flesh of me were electric and singing quietly. But it ebbed and ebbed and dark and sleep and oblivion came and came, surging, surging, surging, surging inward, lapping … Continue reading

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Women are more sexist than men.

At least the women I work for. I might be over-generalizing–but when you go to someone with a fact-based issue and they retort with a “well we think you BOTH have hurt feelings” it feels as though I have gone … Continue reading

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Enjoy the silence

Apparently I have nothing to write about when I am happy. I am happy. How incredible is that? My inner bastard is still there, waiting for the (please not this time) inevitable  let-down (pleasepleaseplease not this time). She waits.

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something strange is going on…

Three things that were just a dream and are now reality My car is fine. After thirteen months of being worried and unsure I got hired with benefits at a job I love. You. Three things that two months ago … Continue reading

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Keep your mouth shut, baby And keep it close to your chest Lotd and current thinking…

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