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SOTD – Let me hear you go uhhhhhhhh I’ve been on this crazy 90s kick. Enjoy.

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God Has The Blues (And So Should You)

I first wanted to write about hoodoo’s influence on the blues. Then I wanted to write about hoodoo’s influence on vodou. Then I remembered that I do not know anything — so I stopped. However, I have many favorites. I … Continue reading

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Top Searches

It is weird how people find my blog. Not many people have, and the ones that do rarely leave behind any trace of their visit. Traffic doesn’t inspire me, nor do I write anything that could be of value to … Continue reading

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–jump here–

“And the women, also of the angels who went astray, shall become sirens.” Enoch Obsessed with this sentence. Added the emphasis myself–take that whoever! So… I am applying for college– after, you know…being out of high-school for over ten years … Continue reading

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One month

Hasn’t been very long… Still have two months until I reach my cut-off point. I hope I can hang on to this one for longer. We haven’t gotten to the shitty part yet. I don’t feel like I am as … Continue reading

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Enjoy the silence

Apparently I have nothing to write about when I am happy. I am happy. How incredible is that? My inner bastard is still there, waiting for the (please not this time) inevitable  let-down (pleasepleaseplease not this time). She waits.

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something strange is going on…

Three things that were just a dream and are now reality My car is fine. After thirteen months of being worried and unsure I got hired with benefits at a job I love. You. Three things that two months ago … Continue reading

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